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Why does FoundSounds cost so much?

FoundSounds is not a traditional social network, nor does it strive to be. FoundSounds was made by one programmer (David Jensenius) and one UI designer (Jeff Breil). We want to keep the audience for the app small and interested, and the cost of the servers self-sustaining. We think charging about the same cost of a music album is fair.

Can I follow people?

Not at this time. Our vision is to create a space where people can listen to sounds they might not normally hear in a self-curated list.

Can I have #hashtags?

We are considering adding this feature, but we want to see how people use the app first.

So FoundSounds is pretty basic then?

Yep! By staying focused and limiting the number of features, we hope to create an emergent and sonically interesting space.

What is the Free Use option about?

Sounds listed under Free Use adopt a Creative Commons License (CC BY 4.0) which allows your sounds to be shared more widely.

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